Survey experience includes individual historic buildings such as a 15th Century Kent farmhouse and 17th Century Devon longhouse, numerous Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and modern properties. Mass-housing stock condition surveys, and right-to-buy surveys for inner-London boroughs, undertaken for surveying practices.

For larger or more complex projects, a separate feasibility study is worthwhile. Careful research - into site and context, local planning history, legislation and policy - enables initial analysis and sketch ideas to establish practical options and costs, quickly at the outset. The client can then decide whether to commit further. Experience includes community projects, GP surgeries, public park cafe, thermal insulation cost/benefit analysis for social housing.

Surveys & Feasibility Studies

Measured surveys; schedules of condition, dilapidation, and repair, party walls and party structures. These can include budget costings, and suggested phasing, as helpful tools for clients. Please click on images below to see a large version.